Step into your power

We take you on a journey to get into flow and step into your power by exploring all four core energies and how they interact in different ways.

We have four core energies which nourish us on the path to our strength.

When we are at our best these core energies are in tune with each other.

They are not just interconnected, but mutually dependent on each other.


The body, our health, is the fundament for all other energies;


The mind places our attention, it helps us focusing on all energies and taking conscious decisions 


Our emotions give meaning to our purpose, values, thoughts and to what we give attention to


Our soul is our inner compass and nourishes all other energies; it’s about living our purpose and values

The magic happens through recognizing, accepting and integrating polarities*.

*And all this comes together with loads of love, respect, lightness, compassion and humor.

Individual Retreats

I regularly offer retreats that are open for everyone and aimed at individuals seeking to learn something about their inner balance.

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Corporate Retreats

For retreats for teams and groups please contact me directly call me or send me an email.

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