What suits you

Individual Retreats 

We invite you to find and explore what it is you need to reconnect with yourself, leverage your energetic flow and thus strengthen your resilience.
It’s about feeling nourished, energised and strong.
It’s about finding your balance.

The ingredients are a mix of wonderful people, fun and creativity, delicious food, light physical exercise and yoga, meditation, breath work, activities out in nature, and all that seasoned with deep reflection and peer coaching. Our passion is to provide many divers inspirations for you to explore options, experience new and unusual, and to find out what recharges you best. Our key asset however is that we create and hold a safe space in which we go with what shows up in the moment.

What’s planned: 

Corporate Retreats

A team is only as strong as its team members. A team can only thrive if all individuals are at their best, so ensuring that each individual finds their balance is central to the team’s success.

We invite you to sense and explore what your ‘balance’ really is, what you need to (re)connect with yourself as individual and what you need to connect deeper as team.

Corporate retreats are bespoke programs tailored to your team’s needs. For more information please contact me at: retreats@we-are-humans.com.

Team Retreats