Our retreats are generally run by two facilitators who are holding the energy together.

I am Kathrin Dahm and I live where others go on holiday, in the beautiful alpine upland in the very south of Germany. My passion is being outside connecting to nature. Staying healthy and balanced is important to me. I draw on the fundamental and healing energy of nature, meditation and yoga in my work with my clients. I am a certified yoga teacher (Vinyasa flow), a facilitator of wilderness trails, a facilitator of leadership development and transformation, as well as a leadership consultant and coach for clients world-wide (see also

Before becoming a coach and facilitator I worked for 18 years in the aerospace and automotive industry and held leading roles in HR change and transformation management, leadership training and development, and organisational and personnel development.

For every retreat I will cooperate with other unique facilitators to inspire the program with fresh ideas, approaches and the energy needed for all we will focus on:
Monika Wendland

Monika lives on the foodstep of the Alps and appreciates living in balance with nature and family. She worked 13 years in the Aerospace and Cyber Security industry with several leading roles in management & leadership development, organizational development and gained in-depth experience as HR Senior Business Partner. She has lived in the USA, China and Spain and travelled around the world and worked in a wide variety of international settings.

After struggling with stress herself, she followed her long-cherished dream and became a coach, facilitator and consultant in leadership development and change and personnel coaching. She focuses on supporting and inspiring her clients in re-energizing, exploring and evolving insights enabling them to step into their full power. Monika’s strength is her empathy, positive energy and intuition.

Monika guides and practices Meditation and certifies currently in systemic constellations. She holds a diploma in Business Administration majoring in HR and Marketing and a Master in HR Managment and Organisational Development and is a certified coach.

Autumn Renewal Retreat
October 16–19, 2019

Reinier Tilanus

Reinier is a Dutch national who converted to Buddhism over twenty years ago. His meditation practice and regular retreats are an integral part of his life as a husband, coach and facilitator.

A process engineer by training, he has worked in Supply Chain for a food multinational company for sixteen years and in several countries up to board level. An early career burn-out has helped him to reflect and find a more balanced life.

In 2007, he has set up his own business as a coach and facilitator.

He is a certified coach and facilitator with MMS, Gita Bellin Associates and Corporate Evolution. Further more he has done extensive training in systemic work with the Dutch Bert Hellinger Institute and Non Violent Communication with Marshall Rosenberg.

He has co-led several leadership journeys to Tibet, Mongolia and Bhutan.

Reinier is passionate about creating awareness and compassion with people, his Buddhist practice, his relationship with his wife Joke as well as being inspired by nature, reflection and playing the violin.

‘There is no substitute for being compassionate, …….and it remains to be a challenge…..’

Romain Gravier

“Follow your Smile”, could be Romain’s motto!

It has guided him in the last 25 years! After international Business studies in the UK and France, Romain has held several HR roles in different industries in France, UK, Luxembourg and now Germany, from start-up to currently a global industrial company. Today, Romain juggles – with a smile– between Leadership trainings, Integral coaching, Think Wrong Workshops and his Leadership development and Culture Change position in the corporate world. He finds all his energy and communicative enthusiasm in his passion for Nature and for developing people.

As a Senior HR as well as Certified Integral Professional Coach, Romain brings his hands-on, international experiences coupled with some French flair, positive personality and humour at the service of individuals and teams.

Romain Lives in Munich with his wife and 2 daughters.

Hidde Van der Pol

Hidde lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands with his wife and twin boys of 12 yrs old. After his law studies and corporate career in the drinks industry he shifted into entrepreneurship, following his passion and purpose in life. He now runs a global boutique consultancy with expertise in deep and meaningful transformations with organizations, teams and individuals. It's purpose is to heal corporate suffering by elevating the levels of consciousness. Hidde firmly believes that with increasing our body-, mind- and spirit consciousness we are able to transform negativity and judgements into authentic power and creativity in service of the world and humanity. He has facilitated numerous trails in nature with the Foundation for Natural Leadership and has experienced the power of nature and its impact on becoming more conscious. Using breathing techniques, meditation, constellations & systemic dynamics and Pranic Healing are just some of his tools to raise consciousness.....yet he finds silence is the most powerful one.